Japan’s authoritative figure on queen bee pupa studies  MD Yamaguchi Kanoeji

Author: Japan Chiba University MD Yamaguchi Kanoeji Bee pupa has been used since the ancient times as an effective and natural health preservation food. “Bee pupa” is not a type of medicine or drug and is incapable of all-inclusive healing against illnesses such as cancer, mental disorder, and arthritis. If it can indeed cure every existing illness, then ironically, there will be no need for other drugs and medicines. On a clearer note, it will only work on some people. However, bee pupa still possesses healing effects which cannot be overlooked such as stamina strengthening and anti-age prevention…etc. It can effectively prevent grey hair formation or hair loss, restore skin resilience and improve impaired hearing and dizziness as well as help in regulating irregular menstrual cycle or menopause disorders. Compared to drugs and medicines, queen bee pupa is harmless, because it is a type of health preservation food.
Profile on author Yamaguchi Kanoeji Yamaguchi was born in 1930 in Ibaraki County and graduated from Ichiba University Faculty of Medicine. After his the completion of internship in 1957, Dr. Yamaguchi entered the First Internal Medicine Division at the Ibaraki University Medical Department. He is currently an internal medicine doctor at the Kasumigaseki Building Clinic.