Star Yin-Tze Pan’s one and only secret to her forever youthful look- GenPel Beepupa Capsule

Nutrients in GenPel Beepupa Capsule (queen bee pupa or queen bee larva which is more nutritious than royal jelly) is 100% preserved via high-molecular quick freezing extraction.

GenPel Beepupa Capsule is rich in amino acid, multiple vitamins and minerals to promote metabolism, maintain a healthy-looking skin and enhance immunity. In addition, Japanese-patent Rose Crysta, red wine extract (red wine phenon) and Camu Camu fruit (vitamin C) are added to GenPel Beepupa Capsule to help adjust metabolism as well as maintain a forever youthful look and physical health.

  • Intake suggestion: Take 1~2 capsules daily on an empty stomach (no use in overdose).
  • Product suitable for: Skin maintenance, health improvements, fatigue relief, stamina enhancement, middle-old age users, women after child birth, poor sleeping quality improvement, stress relief, students and 9-5ers.
  • Attention: This product is not suitable for intake by patients with kidney disease, diabetes and gout/hyperuricemia as well as intake by pregnant women, tumor patients and users allergic to bee products and children under 12.

Producer: San Shi International Ltd.
Address: 5F-4, No.76, Chung Hsiao E.Rd, Sec.4, Da-an Dist., Taipei City
Consumer Hotline: 0800-55-66-99
This product is insured with Taian Insurance Co.Ltd. 20 million NTD Product Liability Insurance